How to Help

  1. Donate – Support our peace-making work with the children. The Shropshire Music Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible (identification number 95-4780064). You can give any amount as a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation. Click here for our simple donation form.
  2. Practice for Peace – This is our worldwide program for individuals who want to help. Start your own fundraiser by collecting money for how long you practice your instrument, then donate the money to the kids in Kosovo, Uganda, and Northern Ireland! Find out more.
  3. School or College Groups – Form a club at your school or college. Find out more.
  4. Plan a Benefit Recital – Plan a studio or student recital to benefit this important cause by using our new comprehensive Benefit┬áRecital Kit.
  5. Donate Instruments - We are in need of Guitars, Ukuleles, and Percussion Instruments in good working condition. To donate an instrument, please contact us.


  1. Tabletop Photocopiers–one for each of our countries
  2. Jeep or 4-wheel-drive van for our program in Uganda
  3. Small car for our program in Northern Ireland
  4. Laptop Computers
  5. Scanners–one for each of our countries
  6. Airline Discount Vouchers or Airline Credit
  7. Plane Tickets to Kosovo, Uganda, Northern Ireland, and Turkey
  8. Portable Teacher Kits
  9. Pennywhistle Bags (Contact us for Pattern)
  10. Pencils With Erasers
  11. Music Manuscript Paper Books
  12. Small White Boards
  13. Gas, Rental Car, Hotel Vouchers or Discounts
  14. Small mp3 Players

5 Responses to “How to Help”

  1. Liesbeth Staelens says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    I found the website of shropshirefoundation via childsong, a program for music therapy that was found in 2005 in Uganda. I’m a student music therapy from Belgium, and for my internship I’m looking for a volunteer project in a war or postconflict area.
    Do you think it’s possible to do an internship in Uganda, and is there a music therapist that can supervise an internship?

    Thanks for your answer!

    Liesbeth Staelens

  2. Liz says:

    Liesbeth, thank you for wanting to volunteer with us. I’m afraid we don’t have any way to supervise an internship. I hope you find a great organization that can help you!

    Liz Shropshire

  3. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if there was a way to volunteer for a few weeks or maybe for a summer in one of the countries with the program. I am an elementary music teacher and can teach many instruments.


    • Liz says:

      Thank you so much, Ashley. Unfortunately, we don’t really bring volunteers into the countries where we run our programs because we want the programs to all be run by locals. But we need volunteers in the US to keep us growing and thriving in these countries–especially our Practice for Peace” program, which makes it possible for children in the US to give music to children living in war zones. Please check it out. And if you would like to volunteer in any other way, please contact us through our info@ link and we’ll send you more details on how you can help.

  4. Arjeta says:

    I am stunned by the work done through this organization. I am an Albanian-American, whose family is from Kosovo. I am current a high school senior in the US. I will most likely be visiting this summer. I understand I am not a local by the residential sense, however, I speak Albanian fluently and seek opportunities such as these to give back to this wonderful country.

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