A post from the Website Designer

October 21, 2010 | By wickley wickley

My name is Kenny and I started volunteering as the Online Media Coordinator for the Shropshire Music Foundation in 2007. That year, Liz came to speak about the foundation in Los Angeles. Burim was here from Kosovo, too, and he presented with her. I was touched and checked out the SMF website after the meeting; that’s when I decided there was something I wanted to do to help. I contacted Liz to offer my services as a graphic designer and we threw the snowball that led to an avalanche of new things: a new website, facebook page, email newsletters, online donation possibilities, and…blogging!

So, last Monday when Liz came to speak again in Los Angeles, I headed over to listen. She did a wonderful job–as always–and it was fascinating to listen to her presentation after having volunteered with her for 3 years. I felt the same sense of need and I’m still 100% happy I’m a volunteer. But this time, instead of being a passive watcher, I was already friends with Liz and we got to discuss how all of the programs are doing and what more I can do for SMF. The Muse must agree that it’s such an important cause and that Liz is such a dedicated leader, because when I’m around Liz I always come up with plenty of ideas about how to help! For example, how we’re going to feature the latest SMF promo item…stay tuned to the site!

In fact, Liz gave me one of the new promo items as a gift–a guitar pick on a necklace, threaded and tied by the youth volunteers in Kosovo.  More than that, she called me up in front of the whole crowd and thanked me for my service. I felt so much love from her and from the volunteers in Kosovo and everywhere. It’s a treasured keepsake now. Thanks Liz and all of you in Kosovo!

It has been a joy helping the foundation continue to help children become peacemakers. I consider myself blessed to have crossed paths with Liz and send my love to everyone involved–volunteers, all of the donors, students in clubs raising awareness, and especially

the children learning to become peacemakers through music!

Liz’s speech generated a lot of discussion and made all sorts of people aware of what is going on with the children of war. I hope you’ll all share this site with your friends and tell them in person how you feel about it. And I hope to see you back here again soon, Liz!


Here are some pictures from the evening: