2010 End of Year Appeal

December 16, 2010 | By wickley wickley

December 2010

Dear friends:

If you feel overwhelmed by this busy time of year, take a moment and listen to these voices:


Kosovo Youth Volunteers, 2010

•           “This program has changed my life because I love helping others more now.  When I am involved in the program, there is no time to feel angry—all I feel is peace.”

•           Working in this program as a volunteer for five years has changed me completely. It has helped me to understand that no matter what has happened during the war, to be alive is wonderful and that there are still great people out there who are willing to help others.

•           Volunteering in this program helped me to get rid of painful memories of distressful things that I experienced during the war.  It helped me choose the right path in life.




Teenagers Attacking Police, N. Ireland, 2010


•           “This music program is the first time that my daughter [who is Catholic] has had the opportunity to become friends with Protestant children.  It is amazing—and something I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime”


•           Our family is poor and has a lot of problems.  Sometimes when I become confused and angry in my mind during times of sickness, or when we lack school fees, of doing things that can worsen the situation, I practice playing guitar, ukulele, and pennywhistle and it helps me.

Ugandan Youth Volunteers, 2007

•           “This program helped me a lot since I came back from the bush [escaped from being a child soldier].  Those kind of bad dreams, I’m not getting now, because I just pick

up the ukulele or the pennywhistle and start to play.  And those bad dreams or bad thinking just disappear.”

These beautiful voices—they thank you. Thank you for supporting the Shropshire Music Foundation.  You have transformed the lives of more than 10,000 children.

Can you help again?  2010 has been our hardest year ever.  While our programs continue to grow, our funds are lower than ever before.  We need $85,000 to reach our goal of $100,000 by September.  To reach more children.  To save more children.

Please click on “How to Help” above to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you so much for everything you have done.  Thank you for making all of this happen.  Thank you for continuing to make this the extraordinary program it has become.

With much love,

Liz Shropshire

Founder and International Program Director

P.S.  If you can’t donate as much as you have in the past, please donate less.  If you are able to donate more than you have in the past, please donate more.  Please donate.  Please donate because we need it more than we have ever needed it before.