International Heavy Metal Divas Record Benefit Album for SMF!

June 1, 2011 | By wickley wickley

You know you’re doing something right when a fierce team of international heavy metal divas offers to record a benefit album for you.
That’s how we at Shropshire Music Foundation feel about the incredible generosity of the band Eve’s Apple, a collaborative effort of female heavy metal musicians from twelve countries, which has recorded an album, Siren’s Garden, with all proceeds going to support our free humanitarian music programs for war-traumatized kids around the world.  They’re also getting the word out about SMF with press releases in each of their home countries.

Read more about the Eve’s Apple compilation, and purchase the album on iTunes here.
Shropshire Music Foundation is thrilled that the generosity of Eve’s Apple will put music in the lives of children in the world’s war zones.  Like the women of Eve’s Apple, we know that music can profoundly change lives and the world.  We hope you will support of their new album!

This album will help us put pennywhistles, harmonicas, and drums directly into the hands of impoverished and war-impacted kids in Uganda, Kosovo, and Northern Ireland.  A giant rock-n-roll thank you to the women of Eve’s Apple and their fans worldwide!