Remembering 9/11 With SMF

September 8, 2011 | By wickley wickley

Dear friends:

Kosovo Kindergarten Children Joining Marches Throughout Kosovo to Show Support for the US after 9/11

In the coming week, our country will observe the tenth anniversary of the devastating September 11 attacks. We will be asked to relive the terrifying feelings of that day and to remember those who lost their lives and the sense of security our nation lost as well.

As you remember and reflect, I hope you will remember as well the many, many children around the world who have witnessed and survived horrific attacks on their homes and families. And I hope you will consider honoring the tenth anniversary of 9/11 by making a donation to the Shropshire Music Foundation.

The lessons we teach our children are the same lessons 9/11 taught America: that while we cannot always prevent tragedy we can choose how to respond to it–hopefully with dignity, courage, and honor.

We teach our children that the real devastation of war is not physical or economic; it happens when fear and hatred overtake the hearts of the people. Music can teach children

that the path of peace is where happiness and security lies. Weapons do not equal power and safety, and violence is not the answer to problems. Our goal is for our children to become instruments of peace.

We need you to help us spread this message. Please honor the hope of peace this 9/11 by signing up as a monthly donor or making a donation.

With much love,