Lemonade for Peace!

June 23, 2010 | By wickley wickley

Three of my brother’s children are visiting my mom and I in Arizona.  Being with them is one of the best things in my entire world.[...]


Guest Blog: UNT Professors in Kosovo Day 6

June 17, 2010 | By wickley wickley

This morning was very busy. School has not yet dismissed for the summer so most of the SMF classes were held today (Saturday). In Gjakove they are held in two different locations with the volunteers spread out across classes. Some of the children have only begun in the last couple of weeks, but others have been in the program for years.[...]


Guest Blog: UNT Professors in Kosovo Days 3 and 4

June 11, 2010 | By wickley wickley

Today we walked. And walked. And walked. We walked all through “old town” in Gjakove and explored. The streets in that section of town are made of stone pavers, which we love, and the buildings are weathered from history.[...]