Refugees Living in Salt Lake City

In USA Since 2019

The Shropshire Music Foundation has opened its first-ever program in the United States.  WIth more than 60,000 refugees living in Utah, we decided to open our pilot classes in Salt Lake City.  Six incredible teenage volunteers attended more than 40 hours of training over a 5-week period.  The training included learning to play the harmonica, lessons in reading music, instructions in teaching, and opportunities for leadership.  

Now fully prepared, the volunteers have been actively teaching harmonica classes to refugees or “new Americans” at Granite Park Junior High every Wednesday since January 15th.  Shortly they will switch to twice a week.

The program is being managed partially by our director, Liz Shropshire, but predominantly by our new Utah Volunteer Director, Alisa Broadbent.  Alisa has donated hundreds of hours to identifying classroom locations, teaching, supervising classes and recruiting both volunteers and participants.  She has been involved with the refugee and immigrant population for many years and has previously served as Volunteer Coordinator for The Refugee and Immigrant Center- Asian Association of Utah (RIC-AAU) and The Good Samaritan Foundation.  She also spent time in the English Language Classroom (RIC-AAU) helping teach English to students of many diverse cultures.  

The Shropshire Music Foundation’s Salt Lake City Program is currently providing nearly one-on-one instruction to enthusiastic refugee youth.  These students are receiving opportunities for creative expression, social growth, trauma relief, anxiety reduction and academic achievement.  This type of engagement is crucial for children making the long transition into a new country and culture, and in dealing with the effects of past hardships and trauma.
Our next phase of the program will be an expansion into the Bud Bailey Complex in Millcreek, a community with a wonderfully high percentage of refugees.  SMF is currently recruiting volunteers.  Contact us to volunteer!